Best Indian Astrologer Hemant Sharma jiís Predictions Aries (Mesa) Lagna

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Published: 16th November 2011
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The Sun-The Sun is lord of the 5th, a trine, a naturally cruel planet but acts as a benefic. His dasa or bhukti bestows the native with benefic 5th house results e.g. birth of son, good advisory capacity, success in competition and beneficence due to the characteristics of the Sun e.g. position in govt. prestige, fame, etc. Of course the Sun must be powerful or in strength to bestow these results..

The Moon-Though a natural benefic, due to lordship of 4th house loses her beneficence. A strong Moon ie with bright rays (from 8th of bright half to 7th of dark half) in benefic influence acts as a benefic, but in malefic influence act as a malefic. The Moon gives good or bad results of 4th house due to her karakatwa or significations. Some say that the weak Moon is benefic and strong Moon is malefic. This also seems to be correct theoretically.

Mars-Lordship of 1st (Kendra and trikona) prevails over lordship of 8th (disaster). Moola-Trikona rasi of Mars also falls in lagna. The 8th house is not as worse, as good is the 1st house a Rajayoga house. The net result is that Mars is a benefic and Rajayoga karaka for Mesha lagna.

Mercury-The lord of 3rd and 6th houses Mercury is a malefic due to lordship of bad houses and gives bad results. Strong Mercury is bad for finance and weak Mercury is good for finance, good for coborns and bad for the nativeís own health. Weak Mercury reduces the life prospects of coborns and their number also.

Jupiter-Being lord of 9th and 12 the gives results of the 9th house, the house of its other sign. A strong Jupiter bestows grace of prospectors, holy people, and religious nature, high thinking, rise in occupation, some benefit due to Godís grace etc ie. The events pertaining to the 9th house. If Jupiter is weak, the revese is expected. Jupiter with Saturn does not cause a Rajayoga. It is due to its lordship of the 12th and Saturnís lordship of the 11th house.

Venus-Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th houses and gives the results of 7th house, the house of its other sign to the 2nd house sign. A strong Venus therefore becomes a malefic (being natural benefic) by being lord of a quadrant. Also Venus is lord of two death inflicting houses. Such a Venus in conjunction with or aspect of other malefics is a dire malefic (death inflicting). For such a Venus in give benefic results regarding finance, it should get conjunct with or aspected by good planets.

Saturn-Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th houses. It ceases to be natural malefic due to lordship of the 10th house and becomes neutral. But becomes malefic again due to lordship of 11th house. A strong Saturn is good for financial matters.

(1) The Sun + Mars.

(2) The Sun + The Moon.

(3) The Sun + Venus.

In the 3rd Venus is spoilt being 7th lord. The Sun is not spoilt. As only of them is spoilt, therefore, it is a fruitful yoga.

(4) The Sun +Saturn.

(5) Mars + Jupiter.

(6) The Moon + Jupiter.

The Moon being benefic quadrant (Kendra) lord, so an evil and this yoga are with defect. If the Moon is weak, she becomes a benefic and removes the defect of Jupiterís lordship of the 12th.

(1) Jupiter + Saturn (both spoilt).

(2) Jupiter +Venus (both spoilt).

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