Birth chart for Remarriage by World Famous Astrologer

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Published: 27th June 2011
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From 7th house of birth chart, the lords of 12th and 5th houses would be respectively the lords of 5th and 7th houses from 7th. Thus 12th house from the house of wife would receive three foreign influences of 6th and 7th houses along with foreign influence of Rahu. 6th house from Lagna being 12th from the house of wife denotes the pleasures of beds of wife. Foreign influences thereon would naturally make those pleasures foreign, which mean that pleasures of beds of wife would be shared by other women or men, which tantamount to having many wives or co-wives at a time. Keeping this principle in view, we provide the following yogas:-

1. If in a male chart the lords of 12th and 5th houses and Rahu have their influence on 6th house and its lord by association or aspect, and 7th lord is strongly placed in house of gain such as 11th house, one may have many women as wives at a time or a lady will have co-wives.

2. 4th place rules co-wives. When this house is afflicted and particularly conjoined or aspected by Rahu it indicates co-wives.

3. When Moon and Rahu join 4th house.

4. When malefics join Moon, Venus and Mercury.

5. If 7th lord and Venus are each posited in a dual rasi or amsa, the person will have a co-wife.

6. Moon or Venus in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces in 7th house or applying to several planets and unafflicted by the malefics indicates more than one wife.

7. Retrograde Jupiter in 7th with Mars and one of them in debilitation will indicate two marriages.

8. Two marriages can be predicted either through death or separation of first wife when:-

(i) Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mars are in 7th house.

(ii) Venus in 4th or 8th posited in between Sun, Saturn and Mars.

(iii) Pisces as Ascendant, 8th lord in Lagna associated or aspected by Rahu.

(iv) Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 9th, 7th lord and a malefic in 3rd house.

(v) Cancer as Ascendant, Saturn in 8th, Mars in 4th, Saturn in 7th from Venus or Venus in 2nd.

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