Horoscope and Jupiter

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Published: 06th April 2011
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Jupiter is significator of children, education, religion, prosperity, fame, gain, good marital order. Providential help, political power, good luck, finances and long journeys, etc.

When Jupiter is malefic by ownership of houses or afflicted, indicates extremists, is liberal, lavish, extravagant, careless, overoptimistic: disputes, gambles, law suits, disagreements, contentions and unpopular etc.

In 1st house, one is fortunate, long life, happy, blessed with children, fearless, faithful, sincere, generous, and executive with power and authority. One will lead position in life in social, business, educational circles. Also denotes high standing like judge, banker, doctor, Government officer, etc.
But if debilitated in Ascendant reserve results.

 In 2nd house, general prosperity, wealth, success and great riches. Blessed with power and authority. Gain through Government Law, insurance, education and literature.

 In 3rd house, benefits through brother, education, writings, publication, literature and traveling. Cheerful, good in speech, popular, fame and good education.

 In 4th house, gain and happiness in family life. Overcome difficulties. Will acquire property. Fortunate, good wife, food and conveyance.

 In 5th house, good luck, children, entertainment of high order, through love and opposite sex. Dutiful and prosperous children. Learned, charming etc.

 In 6th house, gain and profits through service, favour and gain through subordinates and servants, cheerful, victory over enemies, gain through politicians.

 In 7th house, spouse of good understanding. Gain and success through marriage; good, amiable, learned. Gain in partnership, litigation and legal affairs.

 In 8th house, favorable for study of occult subjects, has peaceful and natural death. Gain through marriage, inheritance etc.

 In 9th house, helps to acquire a unique position. Religious, has providential help. Zealous, has broad outlook and thoughts. Helpful to other. Prophetic dreams. Gain from publication and foreign travel. Good children.

 In 10th house, outstanding position in life, fame, power, authority, high position, all round prosperity. Wealthy, gain through good contacts of VIPs, etc.

 In 11th house, gains through persons in authority, is wealthy, famous and gets honour. Good position and gain through connections. Good position in life.

 In 12th house, it renders success in hospitals, public institutions etc. Success over troubles and enemies. Peculiar experiences with love, affection and religion.

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