Stability in Marriage According to Best Indian Astrologer

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Published: 18th October 2011
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Be it the matters of health, longevity, education, profession, business, choosing a friend, choosing a partner in business or in life (spouse) for one’s ownself or for one’s ownself or for one’s nears and dears. Today due to the multi-dimensional skill/professions and the world becoming a global village, it is not possible to finalise marital alliance in the known circles or in one’s own city, dynasty or even caste.
In marital affairs the matters of concern are mental and physical compatability, Health of the couple, their mutual relationship, their post marital financial prosperity, birth of children, their staying together, etc. No worldly knowledge other than the astrology, that too the birth charts (horoscopes), throw light on
this blind ally. The active years of one’s life are the most important years of one’s life for one’s notable contribution to the society.
Unsuccessful married life ruins the life and mantel. Peace of the couple brings them to the level of insanity and bestows untold miseries on the couple, their friends and relatives. To charter one’s way happily into the deep sea of uncertainties in married life, one should utilise the benefit of the only real science of the world and
that is the divine science of astrology.
Astrological analysis of an individual, as indicated earlier, is taken up through the noted position of the planets for the birth time of the individual concerned with reference to the place and date of birth. The linkages amongst the planets are created through the conjunctions, aspects and placements of the planets with reference to the rising sing and the degree of the ascendant in a natal chart (the horoscope).
The relationship of the planets amongst themselves and their nature towards the individual also depend on the planets owning particular houses with reference to the ascending sing. The results of the planets are seen with reference to the operating planetary period at the time of the birth and the current planetary movement of the planets with reference to the natal planets.
The health of the person is seen from the first and sixth houses and the singnificator of health. The bondage between the family life is seen through the second and eighth houses and the planet, Venus. The status and family prosperity is seen through the second house, the sun and Jupiter.
The mental and post marital harmony is seen through the fourth house and the Moon. The details of spouse are seen through the seventh house and the planet Venus in the case of males and Jupiter in the case of females. The continuance of marital tie, as explained above, is seen from the second and the eighth house.
The staying together of the couple is seen through the twelfth house. The progenic matters are seen from the fifth house. For judging the impacts of a house, we consider the influences on the concerned house, the position of its lord and the planet(s) functioning as ‘singnificator’ for it.
Classical principles lay down simplistic rules for matching the horoscopes of the intending couple but they do not meet the complex requirements of today. Therefore, we have to examine the planetary position in ease on all the fore mentioned parameters in isolation, as well as collectively.
Under the Systems’ Approach for astral analysis the consideration of effectiveness of the conjunctions and aspects with reference to the planets and the most effective points of various houses is s very vital aspect/factor.
Based on the above guidelines, besides the singnificator and the influences on the houses mentioned above, for Aries ascendant the planets owning the houses first, fourth, fifth and seventh are considered. That is to say the planets Mars, the Moon, the Sun and Venus are considered for analyzing the marital happiness. For Taurus
and other ascendants the planets to consider are mentioned hereunder:
Taurus:-The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars.
Gemini:-The Moon, Mercury Venus and Jupiter.
Cancer:-The Moon, The Sun, Venus and Saturn.
Leo:-The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon.
Libra:-Venus, Saturn, Mars and Mercury.
Scorpio:-Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.
Sagittarius:-Jupiter, Mars and the Moon.
Capricorn:-Saturn, Mars, the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter.
Aquarius:-Saturn, the Sun and Mercury.
Pisces:-Mars, the Moon Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
When the houses, first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth and twelfth besides the planets mentioned above for a particular ascendant are weak, badly placed and/or afflicted, the married life of the person during the sub periods of such weak/badly placed/afflicted planets suffers.
We proceed with the analysis of a horoscope by identifying the strength of planets, their placements, conjunctions/aspects and the operating sub periods as the ensuing
planetary periods. The weak and/or afflicted functionally benefic planets are strengthened to ward off the evils of planetary influences so that the various problems of married life are reduced to the minimum and the purpose of marriage is achieved.
The above mention details of your birth chart and Stability in Marriage is given by world famous astrologer Hemant Sharma ji. He is having thousands of clients and devotees worldwide who take his consultancy.
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